• R&D System Brew Day

    Months of planning.  Hours of research.  Days of testing.  That’s what it took  to develop the Freak’N R&D brew system.  But it was worth all the preparation and frustration.  Brewers Floyd & Rich brewed their first batch – an IPA, of course!  What is  better than the smell of  hops being added to the wort?!  … [Continue Reading]

    R&D System Brew Day
  • Then & Now – Unloading the Boiler

    The Freak’N boiler arrived today from Florida! That was Nov 2012.  What a challenge it was unloading our Fulton, “Made In America”, Steam Boiler!  Once unloaded (Thanks Kelly!) and placed in her new home, she rested for a year.  Maria spruced her up with a new coat of paint (or three!).  And the awesome team… [Continue Reading]

    Then & Now – Unloading the Boiler
  • Then & Now – Should have bought stock in PAINT!

    When the Freak’N Family decided on their brewery location, they didn’t think of how (or who!) would have to paint all the walls!!!  They were blinded by their excitement of starting a brewery in their new space.  Reality soon set in when the county inspectors said every wall, floor to ceiling, would have to be… [Continue Reading]

    Then & Now – Should have bought stock in PAINT!
  • Build Out Progress

          Lastest progress…Getting closer every day to being able to open! We are meeting with city inspectors and getting closer to obtaining our Certificate of Occupancy. The brewing equipment has been cleaned.  The brewers are getting acquainted with the equipment. Glycol lines are installed. Taps installed in Tasting Room, all floors are sealed!… [Continue Reading]

    Build Out Progress
  • Then & Now – Trench Drains – A “How To”
  • Then & Now…Arrival of MashTun, Kettle, Fermentor

    On a beautiful autumn day in Nov 2012, a semi-truck arrived at Freak’N Brewing Company.  It contained brewing equipment – Mr. Mash Tun, Ms. Kettle & ‘Big Mama’ Fermentor.  They had had a very long, cramped journey.  They’d been shipped, trained & trucked.  They were ready to see the light of day at their new… [Continue Reading]

    Then & Now…Arrival of MashTun, Kettle, Fermentor
  • Then & Now – Tasting Room Transformation

    Freak’N Brewing Company is looking forward to the day we can invite you into our Tasting Room for your first tastes of freshly brewed beer!  Keep an eye on the web site & Facebook for details!

    Then & Now – Tasting Room Transformation
  • Then & Now

    Wow!  The space was sooo empty! That’s not the case anymore.  Freak’N Brewing Company has come a long way from the day Suite 513, in the Olive Business Park, was purchased.  Long hours of hard work from all the Freak’N Family & their Freak’N Friends has transformed an empty warehouse space into a MicroBrewery!  As… [Continue Reading]

    Then & Now